You Deserve to be Safe

(null)You deserve to be safe

You deserve to be safe


You deserve to be safe. It’s your right under every god, every deity and every government entity. Every single person you have ever come in contact with wants you to be safe. Your parents, your children, your siblings and best friends all want you to be ok. Your grandparents and your future grandchildren all need you to be safe. Your husband wants you to be ok. Your neighbors want you to be safe. Your coworkers, your mailman, your mechanic all hope that nothing bad ever happens to you. Your doctor, the cop that just gave you a ticket, the busboy cleaning up the table. Every single one of these people wants you to be safe. There is only one person out there who doesn’t want this. In all the people in your day to day life, there is only one person who wishes you won’t fight back. They hope you don’t hear the crowd chanting “you deserve to be safe.”

This person is about to make a mistake. This person is about to learn how valuable you are and how willing you are to fight back. This person just picked the wrong target and are about to get ripped apart.

Because YOU deserve to be safe.


Please comment on our article, like our Facebook page or search our other articles to create safety strategies for yourself and your loved ones.   No one should be more interested in your own safety than you the reader.  If you are looking for locations to get self defense training please contact us at SafeguardMedia. We have a vast network of training groups around the country and will make any introductions necessary.  Stay safe out there.


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