Let Us Teach You


SAFEGUARD Media is not just a site for articles and information.  We have spent years training, learning, studying and keeping up with the most functional and appropriate training available.  We offer dynamic classes to introduce you to modern Combatives and training methodologies.  Classes are offered as requested.  Which means when you reach out to us and we make it happen.

Combatives – Aggressive Self Defense training using live partners (coaches mostly) Our core method here called Rep Initiation.  We teach only a handful of movement and techniques BUT we do them for as many repetitions as time allows.  This type of class will run for about 2 hours.  We start off quick with basic offensive movements with frequent cool down periods (because we do a lot of reps!) and then go over some theory.  Then we get right back into the action.

Here we see Coach Ken working through some drills with Pete.

Coach Pete doing some detail work with Elyse.


Awareness Training – To fully articulate the why and how of Awareness Training, we practice it.  It’s “Safety In Motion.”  Principles are practiced in real time and repeated over and over…. and over during situational scenario training.   This puts the “what should I do now?” question to bed because we make our decisions NOW to use them Later.

Elyse working on her “ready” position when being confronted by a random threat.


CPR/AED/First AidSAFEGUARD Media is proud to offer CPR Certifications and Re-Certifications through the American Red Cross.  Coach Dan has been teaching CPR, First Aid and a specialized program called Responding to Emergencies at several high schools for students and staff for several years now.  It has ALREADY SAVED ONE LIFE!

Safeguard Media’s own Dan Como has already impacted the lives of two of his students. When one of his students started choking, his buddy (Who had completed the Safety Course) jumped into action and saved his friend. A feel good story that shows the value of getting the best training available.

Here we see Coach Dan in action at Crossfit516 working with the American Heart Association approved CPR “dummy.”

Arc Training – Arc Training is a new initiative for our organization.   We create a 6 week schedule and cover a more robust range of offensive/defensive movements along with going over detailed safety issues and Awareness Training.  This type of class runs for about 1 hour  each night and generally 1 night a week.  HOWEVER… if a group of folks can do 1 hour each night for 5 or 6 nights straight… we will MAKE IT HAPPEN!

How it works

Step 1 – Email us at or call – 516-521-7932 (We are located on the south shore of Long Island, New York)

Step 2 – We will discuss what type of training you are looking for and cover any questions you might have about how we run the class, what’s required from you and how we can help you get some training.

Step 3 – We schedule a Place, Date and Time for the class to take place.  Because of the nature of our training and the consistency of our schedule, we do not run a store front or brick and mortar facility.  Safeguard Media will find a space or COME TO YOU.

What’s Required

We require very little to get a class going.  We generally try to fill a class size from 5 to 12 people.  If you get a group together that is more than 12, we just need to make sure we have three or more trainers available.  IF you are on your own and want to get some training (you badass you) reach out anyway.  We have classes scheduled all the time and there is a good chance we can pull you into another group.