How to Keep Children Safe – Quick Decisions with Largest Impact

How to Keep Children Safe

Best Selling Author Gavin de Becker gives this quote during an interview with Kids In The House.

In this single statement alone, Safety Expert and Best Selling Author Gavin de Becker makes one of the clearest recommendations to you and your families safety.  During this short interview entitled Writing Off Violent Criminals as Animals, de Becker talks about the perpetrator of an evil and sometimes grizzly acts often times gets re-assigned to a different subclass of species.  This person loses their familiar characteristics and is designated to be different and un-human.

He continues with a statement that (paraphrased) most times, this person has been allowed  to get close to their intended victim by a parent, parents or caregivers.  This person could have purposely hid their motives or perhaps the caregivers missed the smoke signals that they were breaking down normal social barriers that are generally in place.

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In something I like to call the Pillars of Parenting, this statement alone can have the absolute largest impact with the least amount of effort.  In all of the self defense training courses you can take, the home safety equipment you can buy; with all the systemized Awareness Training you could focus on, having the steadfast decisiveness of choosing to remove the bad elements at the start of the relationship is the most far reaching safety protocol you can partake in.   It also might be the toughest to stick to.

Drawing the Line in the Sand


When that feeling of uneasiness creeps into your conscious self, knowing that there is in fact a warning sign and following through on your commitment is something that takes practice, consistency and resolve.   It comes down to having the conversation with yourself, with your loved ones and with the other people who you leave the responsibility of watching your children with that have to agree.  The chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link…  the house is only as safe as the strongest lock…. the bla bla bla…. you get the point.  It is far more difficult to start cutting ties with someone you have a relationship with then saying goodbye for good to a complete stranger.

We all have had some awkward experience with cutting ties with someone or at least know someone who has had to go through it.  I have a close friend who had to fire a contractor for subpar work, failure to get town approvals and giving pushback from simple dialogue between him and my good friend.  For someone about to spend MANY thousands of dollars on home repairs these failures would be an easy reason to cancel the work.  But even in this very “business oriented” transaction it was still difficult for my friend to “pull the trigger” and fire this guy.  The reason, my buddy is a hell of a nice guy and even when explaining his reasoning he understood the contractor had already worked up an estimate and first draft of the work.    Like I said before, this was a small home repair. This was not establishing the mission critical safety protocol for your own child.  When you can compare the two subject matters it’s as clear as day what needs to be done and how cold you should be after you have committed to doing it.

It’s not just what you say, how you say it or who you say it to.  It’s about saying something and have the people most important to you backing you up.   When your children are involved you are the judge, jury and executioner.  Nature has made it that way.  Never allow social pretext dictate your position in your child’s value chain hierarchy.  It will always be you watching out for them from the moment they are born till the moment you pass on. It’s the greatest burden you will have and you should act accordingly.

Stay safe out there.


For more information about Gaven de Becker, you can find his lectures and contact information on

Gaven de Becker is Security and Safety Specialist who owns and operates a Personal Protection Firm working with some the highest level’s of government, celebrities and political figures.  He is also a Best Selling Author with many books to his name.

The Gift of Fear


Protecting the Gift

The quote and picture were quoted from the absolutely amazing website

Their website focuses on safely raising children in changing times.  They have hundreds of video material free to the public from writers, psychologists, doctors, safety experts, relationship experts and focus on building safe and healthy relationships.

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