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73544_174947522517330_3986398_nKen spent his undergraduate and graduate years at the University of Hartford.  Having been heavily involved in various types of student programing, Ken organized numerous safety oriented classes and seminars at the school.  He worked tirelessly with student groups across the campus to host several nationally recognized Safety/Awareness Trainers and Self Defense Programs at the school.  Organizing these initial programs sparked an intense interest in many modern self protection methods.  During this time he also began training exclusively at a Gracie Jiu Jitsu school located in West Hartford.  After spending four years training with some of New England’s best, he moved back down to NY.  Once there, he teamed up with Dan and continued his training at various schools in various disciplines on Long Island.   Ken utilizes experiences from 8 years of competitive wrestling, several years of Goju Combat Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Modern Combatives methods to help shape an extremely focused program on safety strategies and defensive/offensive tactics.

Ken is also the director of operations for his families Direct Store Delivery Computer Company.  NYDSD has been in business for 20 years, offering the most sophisticated route and warehouse management software in the industry.  Working with national food distribution companies and traveling to all regions of the country has allowed Ken to experience many types of city environments as well as establish a credible inventory of safety strategies that he uses on a daily basis.


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Dan Como

SafeGUARDmedia Owner/Operator, Trainer, Contributor

Dan holds a second degree black belt in American kenpo karate as well as an advanced rank in Goju Combat karate. He has studied Krav Maga, Japanese Jujitsu, and aikido during his 20 years of training experience. Dan has been actively training in Combatives with a leading instructor in the north east for the past six years. Having focused his time on research, communication with leading instructors and organizing safety seminars, Dan has fine tuned how to teach and communicate how to be safer in todays world.  Dan is also a certified American Red Cross instructor for CPR/AED and first aid. He runs several classes a year and certifies citizen bystanders, as well as recertifies active health care providers and emergency responders.


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