That Time I Thought I Was Being Abducted

Mistakes happen and we as a species spend a great deal of our lives making them and dealing with their consequences.  The importance and impact of each mistake we make is a fundamental building block of who we become.  These experiences generally have to do with our safety and awareness.  They shape our character and become the maternal voices of our inner […]

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Pathologically Polite – How Being Polite Could Be Putting You in Harms Way

Pathologically Polite   A letter from Sarah, I’m going to be honest with you. I do not wake up in the morning with the fear of being physically attacked. I’m not naïve to the possibility; I know that my petite stature is a beacon light, alerting the wolves of the world to my sheep status. I walk with purpose. I […]

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How to Keep Children Safe – Quick Decisions with Largest Impact

In this single statement alone, Safety Expert and Best Selling Author Gavin de Becker makes one of the clearest recommendations to you and your families safety.  During this short interview entitled Writing Off Violent Criminals as Animals, de Becker talks about the perpetrator of an evil and sometimes grizzly acts often times gets re-assigned to a different subclass of species.  This person loses their […]

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